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Loans Agt. Govt. Bonds

  • Life’s twists and turns are hardly predictable. And, often they make us sacrifice our future goals to meet the needs of our present.
  • However, with Eli Global Microfinance Association, you can prevent this. Our Loan Against Securities (LAS) offers you a wonderful opportunity to take care of your financial needs without liquidating your investments.
  • It gives you the freedom to enjoy the double benefit of getting quick liquidity on your securities, while you continue to earn returns on them.
  • All you need to do is to pledge your Shares, Mutual funds or Securities as collateral and you can get a loan against securities ranging from Rs.5 lacs to Rs.10 crores (7.5 crores against Shares/Mutual Funds and 10 crores against Bonds/Debt Instruments).
  • With the added advantage of quick processing and attractive interest rates, you can be sure that your today and tomorrow are secure.